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  • The PureRay Lighting System is your answer to a loss of power
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PureRay Solutions

    PureRay Manufactures High Intensity LED Light Bulbs & Charging Stations.
  • No other bulb can provide as much light using as little energy
  • Nothing else like it is designed for use off-grid
  • Many applicaions (Cell Phone, Radio, Fan, TV)

The PureRay LED Light Bulbs

The LED light bulb developed by PureRay is a high-intensity bulb and is far more energy efficient than others available today.

The key to our patent-pending, breakthrough design is the way it marries how the human eye perceives brightness, while maximizing performance and solar-power absorption.

Once a PureRay light bulb has been charged, it can be removed from the charging station and taken to an area where light is desired. Each light bulb comes with battery storage, and each has a traditional screw-shape end that allows it to be mounted into a standard lighting socket, where available.

To preserve its charge, each light bulb has an ON/OFF switch.

PureRay High Intensity LED Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs are Available in Two Formats:

LONG LASTING BULB – select when duration is paramount.
SUPER BRIGHT BULB – select when brightness is paramount.

These settings can be selected by the user as required.