Here at Home

  • The PureRay Lighting System is your answer to a loss of power
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PureRay Solutions

    PureRay Manufactures High Intensity LED Light Bulbs & Charging Stations.
  • No other bulb can provide as much light using as little energy
  • Nothing else like it is designed for use off-grid
  • Many applicaions (Cell Phone, Radio, Fan, TV)

Corporate Profile

PureRay was founded with the intent to replace the need for fuel-based lighting everywhere in the world, using its proprietary, energy-efficient lighting technology. PureRay makes solar charging and lighting systems practical and cost effective for markets around the world.

PureRay has developed a patent-pending, self-contained and solar-powered LED lighting system with a charging station and rechargeable bulbs. Useful for applications around the world, the charging station is capable of powering PureRay light bulbs, cell phones or many small devices such as fans and radios. PureRay bulbs are rechargeable by solar power, AC/DC power, or a car charger.

About PureRay Corp.

An Atlanta-based lighting technology company, PureRay is committed to improving the quality of light and the quality of life globally through safe, energy-efficient lighting. PureRay focuses on making solar-based charging and lighting systems practical and cost-effective for developing-world countries in Africa, South Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as for domestic markets. Its proprietary lighting system is patent-pending. PureRay stock currently trades on the OTCBB Exchange under the stock symbol PURY.