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Here at Home

  • The PureRay Lighting System is your answer to a loss of power
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PureRay Solutions

    PureRay Manufactures High Intensity LED Light Bulbs & Charging Stations.
  • No other bulb can provide as much light using as little energy
  • Nothing else like it is designed for use off-grid
  • Many applicaions (Cell Phone, Radio, Fan, TV)

Here at Home

Here in the United States, living off the utility grid is rarely done by choice and never by necessity. But for the occasional power failure or venture into the wilderness, having a solar-powered lighting option is a welcome advantage.

PureRay’s LED lighting system provides portable emergency or auxiliary lighting for those times when electricity is unavailable.

PureRay lighting systems are comprised of a solar-powered charging station and rechargeable LED bulbs designed for use in off-grid locations or those with power failure. It offers a safe, reliable and affordable alternative to fuel-based lighting such as kerosene or gas appliances.

Portable Bulbs Make Power Outages Manageable

The LED light bulb developed by PureRay is a high-intensity bulb and is far more energy efficient than others available today. The key is our patent-pending, breakthrough design that maximizes performance and solar-power absorption.

Once a PureRay light bulb has been charged, it can be removed from the charging station and taken to an area where light is desired. Each light bulb comes with battery storage, and each has a traditional screw-style end that allows it to be mounted into a standard lighting socket, where available. To preserve its charge, each light bulb has an ON/OFF switch.

Being Prepared is Part of the Fun

In addition to the high-intensity LED light bulbs, the PureRay charging station can power 12-volt appliances such as fans, radios or TVs, or, through the built-in USB port, any USB-interface device. The solar-powered station also can be charged through conventional DC or AC methods, providing the proper adaptor is used.