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  • The PureRay Lighting System is your answer to a loss of power
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PureRay Solutions

    PureRay Manufactures High Intensity LED Light Bulbs & Charging Stations.
  • No other bulb can provide as much light using as little energy
  • Nothing else like it is designed for use off-grid
  • Many applicaions (Cell Phone, Radio, Fan, TV)

Invest in the Development of Someone’s World

$50 Billion is Spent Annually on Fuel-Based Lighting in Developing Countries.

Today 2.4 billion people use fuel-based lighting and 1.6 billion of those live without any access to electricity. In addition, some 0.8 billion have only intermittent access to what we know as power. The market is huge and is located mainly in Africa, South Asia, Caribbean and Latin America.

Fuel-based lighting throughout the world consumes 77 billion liters of fuel annually, which is equivalent to 1.3 million barrels of oil per day, or roughly the total oil production of Indonesia, Libya or Qatar. Until now, alternatives were of poor quality or virtually unavailable.

PureRay Offers a NEW Solar-Powered LED Lighting and Charging Solution

The PureRay system is affordable and easy to use, and provides a state-of-the-art LED lighting system using a renewable energy source – the sun. The PureRay charging station has more than one application; it can charge a cell phone or any 12-volt appliance, such as a fan, radio or TV, with the proper adaptor.

Competition in Solar Lighting for Developing Countries is Weak

Few companies are focused on residential lighting in the developing world. Instead, most are geared on Western countries, or are aimed at non-residential markets such as schools and hospitals. Their solutions also are centered on compact fluorescent bulbs, which are not as efficient as the PureRay LED system and contain toxic chemicals.

Improving the Quality of Life

The World Bank estimates that 780 million women and children breathe dangerous, particulate-laden kerosene fumes – the equivalent to smoking from two packs of cigarettes a day, every year. The result: two-thirds of adult female lung-cancer victims are non-smokers. In developing nations, acute respiratory infection, influenza and pneumonia kill nearly 2 million children annually. The average life span in these remote areas is only 42 years. That figure is low, also, because of the number of people who die from fire or direct burns as a result of using fuel-based sources for lighting their homes.

“PureRay brings us that much closer to the promise of safe and effective lighting for millions of people in the developing world. In this market, we can create real value for our shareholders as we simultaneously bring usable, clean energy to improve the lives of those who need it most, especially children.“

Mr. Frank O'Dea
Chairman of the Board

PureRay Offers Investors a Unique Opportunity

PureRay is a technology company focused on building a platform of intellectual property that makes solar charging and lighting systems practical and cost effective for domestic and developing-world markets.

PureRay stock trades on the OTC:BB Exchange under the Stock Symbol: PURY. For more information, please contact us.