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  • The PureRay Lighting System is your answer to a loss of power
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PureRay Solutions

    PureRay Manufactures High Intensity LED Light Bulbs & Charging Stations.
  • No other bulb can provide as much light using as little energy
  • Nothing else like it is designed for use off-grid
  • Many applicaions (Cell Phone, Radio, Fan, TV)

Using the Sun to a Fuller Potential

Replacing kerosene lamps with solar-powered LED lighting systems is, according to the experts, the single greatest way to reduce greenhouse gases associated with lighting energy use in developing countries. That’s aside from the more direct health and safety advantages. Unfortunately, alternatives to kerosene and other fuels are of poor quality and have been largely unavailable, until now.

PureRay’s LED Lighting and Charging Solution Relies on the Sun

A solar-powered solution for lighting energy means the impact on the environment is dramatically reduced, and the absolute need to be on any electrical utility grid is eliminated.

PureRay’s innovative LED light bulb design is based on how the human eye perceives brightness, so it maximizes performance and the absorption of the sun’s energy. Our solar-powered light bulbs provide a higher-quality light than what’s available with a kerosene lamp – between 20 to 80 times more lumens. That allows users to maximize their productivity after daylight hours.

Furthermore, the light bulbs are portable, and, once charged, can be taken individually to light a specific area.

Powering More Than Light Bulbs

PureRay’s technology allows the renewable solar energy to be applied to charging the light bulbs, as well as cell phones, radios, fans, TVs, or any other appliance that runs off a 12-volt power source. Furthermore, existing AC- or DC-current sources can charge a PureRay battery for added flexibility. There’s simply nothing else like it.